fhist 1.21

The FHist package contains 3 utilities, a file history tool “fhist”, a file comparison tool “fcomp”, and a file merging tool “fmerge”. All three are bundled together, because they all use the same minimal-difference algorithm.

The history tool presented here, fhist, is a minimal history tool. It provides no locking or branching. This can be useful in contexts where the configuration management or change control be being provided by some other tool.

The history tool, fhist is able to handle binary files. The file comparison tool, fcomp, usually does a line-for-line plain-text comparison, however it is also capable of a byte-for-byte binary comparison.

Files for Download

There are several ways to obtain this software, either as source code or as pre-compiled binaries.

The Master Sources

You can download the following files from this web site:
File Name Description
fhist-1.21.D001.README The README file from the tar distribution.
fhist-1.21.lsm Brief description in LSM format.
fhist-1.21.spec RedHat package manager specification file (RPM)
fhist-1.21.D001.tar.gz The complete source.
fhist-1.21.D001.pdf Reference Manual, in Adobe AcroRead format.
ChangeLog The change log for the project, sorted most recent to least recent.


Ubuntu Packages

If you use Ubuntu Linux, there are pre-built packages available for installation using the normal sudo apt-get install method, from this package archive (PPA).

Instructions are available there for how to manually add the PPA to your /etc/apt/sources.list file, but the following commands are sufficient on recent versions of Ubuntu:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:pmiller-opensource/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install fhist

The Bleeding Edge

  • FHist is developed using Aegis, a transaction based software configuration management package.
  • The Aegis repository for this project is available, and
  • an integration RSS feed is available here.

FHist is maintained by Peter Miller and is freely distributable under the terms and conditions of the GNU GPL. There is more Software by Peter Miller at his home page.

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